Class 450 – Desiro

The class 450 Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) is part of the Desiro UK family of units built by Siemens AG.  These units were built between 2002 & 2006, and introduced into service between 2003 & 2006 in the South West Trains network.

Number range on introduction was 450 001 – 450 127.  In January 2008 28 units were modified as high density units for work on the London Waterloo – Windsor and Hounslow Loop lines, their modification included the removal of first class and the replacing of the 2+2 seating with 3+2 seating, also some other seating was removed to create standing room.  Units 450 043 – 450 070 were the units converted, upon modification the units were renumbered into the 450/5 classification and renumbered 450 543 – 450 570.

Click on the image below to go to the gallery.

450 105 very slowly makes its way towards Basingstoke on the down slow on the 2nd February 2009

450 105 very slowly makes its way towards Basingstoke on the down slow on the 2nd February 2009


I worked on these units day in, day out from their introduction until I left SouthWest Trains in early 2009.  Therefore I had access to the rear cab of trains in service where I was able to take many of these images from whilst sat on the second-mans side.  The above image was taken during the bad weather on the 2nd February 2009.  I had worked a service to London Waterloo with not much issue getting there.  On the way back the service deteriorated and I was caught in a long queue of trains on the approach to Basingstoke.  Whilst sat there the trains queued up.  In the image you can see another service behind me on the Down Fast, with 450 105 slowly making its way along the Down Slow.  If memory serves me correctly, a journey that should have taken 1 hour 40 minutes took me 6 hours to get home.

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